Why is Shungite so UNIQUE?

natural fullerene molecule in shungite and elite shungite

Fullerenes in Shungite

Shungite is the only natural source of Fullerenes on the planet. The fullerene is the link between organic and inorganic matter along with nature brought together in one object.

In the human body, fullerenes act as a powerful and long-lasting anti-oxidant. They stop the production of free radicals that cause chain reactions that can damage living cells. This activity in the fullerenes far exceeds the effect of known anti-oxidants in use today.

The richness of the fullerenes in shungite also gives it the gift of neutralising many forms of negative energy. It reduces the effect of electromagnetic emissions providing protection from electromagnetic fields. 

The fullerenes in shungite are also known for their incredible effect when in contact with water. They attract and neutralise waterborne contaminants such as bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and fluoride to name a few. Shungite has been used a water purifier in Russia since the mid 1990’s. 

In addition, fullerenes have an explicit anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect, thus relieving pain, suppressing the development of many allergic diseases and improving immunity. Fullerenes normalise cellular metabolism along with an increase in enzyme activity and cell stability. They also aid in the nerve processes influencing the exchange of neurotransmitter, improving the capacity of man and his resistance to stress.

Properties of Shungite

Antioxidant properties

Shungite stone helps to protect your body from the adverse effects of free radicals and this is why it's often used in beauty and cosmetic medicine. This is because shungite crystal contains fullerenes in its structure. This antioxidant property helps ensure that your immune system is functioning properly.

Protective properties

Shungite stones also used to protect against the Electro Magnetic Forces (EMF) emanated from electronic products in your home like your computer, TV, mobile phone, microwave etc. Keeping some of shungite or elite shungite crystals near the electronic equipment and you’ll be protected from these harmful EMF’s, as EMF is also considered to cause many diseases including cancer.

Cleansing properties

The powerful antioxidant nature of Shungite helps to eliminate toxins in the human body. This helps your body to function efficiently and leaves you healthy. Elite Shungite purified water can help in the adjusting of your DNA making it stronger, and more resilient to disease.

Energy Boosting feature

Shungite helps to improve the overall energy that is needed by the human body to carry out its processes. It makes its users live healthy and productive throughout their lifetime.

Calming Effect

Shungite is known to calm your nerves and can help you when you are stressed through its calming properties. And people are also using it for meditation purposes. Shungite crystal is known to suppress the production of stress hormone.

Anti-Inflammatory properties

Also shungite helps fight inflammations in your body like helping you to recover faster from wounds or injuries. It helps patients to recuperate faster from injuries or after they are involved in accidents.


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